Leadership is a characteristic inside all of us, but what defines the finest of them is their talent and capability to make use of opportunities and put forth their opinions. As an international platform for young leaders, DPSRMUN 2022 is set to foster strong-minded individuals who will stimulate the generations to come.

About Us

We at DPS RAU, venture towards augmentation, empowerment and distinction. At DPSRAU we are setting the juncture for the growth and empowerment of not just the children of today – but the global citizens of tomorrow. This simulation enables participants to get into the shoes of world leaders, comprehend the difficulties that persist in the world and acquaint themselves with different perspectives that are brought up through the discussion.

The DPS R MUN aim to help the students learn, converse, show up and Re-imagine solutions to issues regarding the world affairs. This kind of activity helps develop a world view on key issues, to have a holistic perspective on both sides of an issue and develop an understanding on how the global institutions work and function by finding common ground among conflicting leaders and nations.

The theme for the event is “Uniting the ignited minds”.


DPSRMUN team reserves the right to dismiss any participant from the conference due to infringement of any regulation. DPSRAU strictly implement the following code of conduct at the conference:


English is the official and working language of all committees during debate at DPSRMUN.

2.Name Badges & Credentials

For security purposes, I-Card must be kept visible at all times by both delegates and faculty members.


  1. Delegates are permitted to use laptops during caucuses strictly for the purpose of crafting working papers/draft resolutions. Directors will be walking around to monitor computer use.
  2. Cell phones are permitted at the discretion of the chair. If any abuse of this privilege is suspected, cell phone use will be prohibited for the remainder of the conference. Failure to adhere by this standard will result in ejection from the committee.
  3. Other electronics may not be used during the event. Any delegate found using permitted electronics outside of Conference-approved usage or using prohibited electronics will receive one warning from the dais.
  4. Pre-written Resolutions

DPSRMUN strives to promote an environment that fosters diplomacy and negotiation in all committees. Onset of this in mind, delegates are not permitted to bring pre-written resolutions of any kind to the conference.


  1. Note passing will be permitted in committees at the discretion of the dais and may be suspended at any time.
  2. Notes must be professional and pertinent to the topic. Notes that are inappropriate in nature will not be tolerated and will be turned over to sponsors.
  3. Violations of this rule will result in the suspension of note passing and action may be taken by the Secretary-General in regards to the sender(s) of the notes in question.

6.Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is prohibited. This conference defines sexual harassment as:

  1. An unwanted and inappropriate comments, sounds, or jokes; unsolicited touching.
  2. Such conduct that has the purpose effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s academic performance, or of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational, social, living or working environment.
  3. Incidents of sexual harassment should be immediately reported to a faculty or a conference staff member. The Secretary-General will deal with these problems directly
  4. Conduct – Diplomats should always treat each other with dignity and respect. They should be polite to each other at all times. The use of derogatory language could lead to disqualification.
  5. Attire: Delegates and the Executive Board members are requested to wear either Western Formals or Traditional Formals as per the conference Western formals consist of a Blazer, shirt or blouse, trousers or skirt, and appropriate footwear.
  6. DelegateDecorum:

During formal, as well as informal debates, delegates are to speak in the third person and should refrain from referring to themselves as Me, I, My, etc.

  1. When addressing the Chairs and members of the Executive Board, please rise and remember to properly address them, e.g. “Honourable Chairs, fellow Delegates…”
  2. Don’t start speaking until you’ve been acknowledged by the Chairs and have been given the Floor. If raising a Point, i.e. a Point of Parliamentary Inquiry (a question), you must raise your placard and wait for the chair to call your name.

Plagiarism: Directly copying and pasting text without referencing is not permitted. If a delegate is found to have plagiarized his/her Position Paper, Working Paper, or any other document, they will be disqualified from any kind of awards and recognitions.

Committees and Agends





Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)

To discuss the need and possibility of demilitarized zone in the Middle East.


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Promoting the inclusion of intangible cultural heritage from under represented regions


United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

Deliberation on children rights violation with a special emphasis on child slavery in developing and underdeveloped countries


World Health Organization (WHO)

Re imagining and restructuring health care systems in view of upsurge of pathogens with special emphasis on Covid 19.


UN Women

The corollary of societal norms in terms of gender equality with special emphasis on the middle eastern and South Asian countries.


Lok Sabha

Discussion on freedom of speech and expression with special emphasis on Hijab ban

CommitteeChair Person
Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)Mr. Sarthak Singh
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)Mr. Gautam Tanted
United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)Mr. Ashwin Samuel
World Health Organization (WHO)Mr. Siddhant Nair
UN WomenMr. Tejas K. Jain
Lok SabhaMr. Uttkarsh Thanwar
Name Designation
Ms.Zainab Pithawala Secretary-General
Tanisha Soni Director – General
Prabhgun Bhatia Charge ‘D’ Affairs
Ishaan Agarwal Convenor
Anika Singh Logistics

Conference Guide

Conference schedule: April 1 2022 to April 3 2022

9:00 am Breakfast and lobbying
9:30 am March Past
10:00 am Opening Ceremony
12:00 noon First Committee Session
1:30 pm Lunch
2: 30 pm Second Committee Session
5:00 pm Hi-Tea
5:30 pm Departure
9:00 am Breakfast and lobbying
9:30 am Third Committee Session
1: 00 pm Lunch
1: 30 pm Fourth Session
4: 30 pm Hi-Tea
5: 00 pm Cultural Night
7: 30 pm Departure
9:00 am Breakfast and lobbying
9:30 am Fifth Committee Session
1: 00 pm Lunch
1: 30 pm Sixth Session
4: 00 pm Hi-Tea
4: 30 pm Closing Ceremony
6: 00 pm Departure
  1. Preferred delegates from grade VIII-XII
  2. Deadlines:
    Study Guide will be uploaded : March 18, 2022

    Registration Deadline : March 24, 2022

    Conference Fees Due : March 26, 2022

    Position Paper Deadline : March 27, 2022


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